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Company Overview

Razak Band came in to its existence in the early 1900.Founded and Established by Mr. Abdul Razak Abdul Rahim Bandmaster, Razak Band had its popularity throughout the country viz. Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Ahmedabad to Calcutta. Abdul Razak Band did not restrict the services to the extent of providing musical Band but in different occasions like Dandi Kuch [Mahatma Gandhi], welcome occasion of Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lokyatra, Community Gathering, Marriage Procession & Community Occasion and many more. And also obtain the knowledge of Music from Musician guru Amrutlal Kapoadiya & became the student of Padma Shri Music Director Kalyanji Anandji and give the sweet music in Nagin Film through using the clay violin instrument and certain others which has become very popular and accepted by not only Surti’s but have been appreciated by the District of Sachin, Vasda, Nawab of Junagadh, Vajire Azam Jammu & Kashmir, Maharaja of Patiala, Industrialist of Bombay & leading personalities of Bangalore have also enjoyed the services of Razak Band in their happy occasions.

After the death of Master Gani, the entire Business Was taken over by the 3rd Generation of the family i.e. Mr. Farooq Abdul Gani and Mr. Hafiz Abdul Gani.They have been heridated and flowered with precious gift of Music from all mighty Allah. The band is known under the brand name “ABDUL RAZAK BAND “in Surat city. Presently Mr. Farooq conducts the band Along which he plays more than 7 musical instruments while Mr. Hafiz handles and manages the business Format. Due to its very disciplined musicians and with inner sense and hard working with politeness of the founder of the Band have captured the Number one position in the world of Music in Surat city and surrounds the entire town of one Band and that is the "Razak Band".

Gradually the presence of Razak Band became a must during the marriage occasion, religious functions, good occasion of family. Every moment of each occasion has become remarkable and unforgettable due to the best musical entertainment made available by Abdul Razak Band. With the need of change in the world of Music Razak Band introduced the ORCHESTRA which has given the fantastic change in the demand of the present generation. The present generation have accepted the challenge to boost the band to reach to the highest level of its value and credit in the world of Music through its Band Services and Orchestra Services.

Presently, the third and fourth generation of Abdul Razak now celebrates its 117th Anniversary of Abdul Razak Band and 56th Anniversary in the field of Orchestra. Along with the 3rd generation, the family has been blessed by its 4th generation which includes Mr. Farooq Bandmaster's Son i.e. Faisal and Uzeir Bandmaster indulging in the Business and aiming the Ancestral Business to Grow and Expand in the Entire Nation. Many more Achievements will be Awaited by the Future Generations.

We care about each and every event you allow us to be a part of. We are totally committed to providing unforgettable live music and great fun meeting your budget and exceeding your expectations.
For your special occasion, we’ll leave nothing to chance. Our sound and music instruments are professionally maintained and prepared to deliver the best for you.


As music involves so many aspects ranging from equipment, skills, team-working, customer service, and audience’s preferences, the idea is to encourage more time and effort spent in improving these aspects mentioned and to grow together as a community and serving the customers a full package of entertainment. Thus, the vision is to Grow and Expand the Ancestral Business Across the Country.


Our Mission is to provide the Band's Respected Musical Services across the country and make the Band win the hearts of people not only in Surat but throughout the country. We aim to use our best of resources to conduct and play the Musical Band in the entire Country enhancing us recognition and success throughout. we provide jaw dropping entertainment that always reflects what you are looking for, perfectly.


1. We always strive to serve our Clients better.
2. We dedicate ourselves to growth and learning by embracing growth and encouraging Innovation.
3. We aim high and push ourselves to be the best at what we do.
4.Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.